Our Mission Statement

The Board of Management of the Ardee Day Care Centre recognises that every human being regardless of advancing years or disability has a unique contribution to make to the betterment of society. The Board, therefore, commits itself to create the right environment where people can come to terms with their disabilities and where the necessary aid is available to help them live their lives as full members of the community.

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About Ardee Day Care

Ardee Day Care Centre is situated at the Church Hill Ardee. The venue is centrally located next door to the clinic and within a short distance of all the local amenities-shops, banks, post office, churches, library etc..

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Ardee Day Care Centre developed out of finding of a survey by Junior Chamber into the needs of elderly people in the Ardee and Mid Louth area. The concept of the Centre was extended to include provision of services to people with a physical disability and people with intellectual disability. Building work began in  1983 and the complex was officially opened on June 4th 1985.

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Our Services

The centre provides stimulating and meaningful programmes of activity and personal care. Activities include day tours, art, pottery, music, bingo, hairdressing, shopping, meals, transport....

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